Update: Orchestra Board Rescinds Offer to Players, Calls Its Last Proposal “A Stretch”

The management of the Louisville Orchestra says a 50-member orchestra is necessary going forward, despite an offer to sign 55 players last week.

The management offered to sign any musicians who have not left town for other work, as long as enough players left by June 2013 to have a 55 member orchestra. On Friday, the musicians agreed to the concept of cutting the orchestra over time, but not other details in the contract. The board took that as a rejection. Today, the board’s attorney released a letter saying the 55 member offer was “a stretch which was made in good faith to accomodate the efforts of the mediators to reach agreement.” The letter goes on to say the maximum core of players the board will agree to is 50. A representative for the musicians says the players will not accept an offer for 50 full-time musicians.

The board met at noon today. Board chair Charles Maisch had no comment to WFPL about what was discussed. Calls to orchestra management have not been returned.

UPDATE: The management has released a statement saying the musicians rejected the board’s final offer on Sunday. Management will now seek new players. Current musicians will be offered first right of refusal for their former jobs. Since the orchestra is on the American Federation Musicians’ unfair list, any players who accept the offer will face fines and penalties from the union.