Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls Clubs Close Today

The Salvation Army’s four area Boys and Girls Clubs are closing Friday, but some members will soon have access to the Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Club’s Shawnee facility.

The Salvation Army says rising costs and diminished income forced the closure. Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Clubs will soon have a temporary solution for members of the Salvation Army’s Portland and Parkland clubs, said Jennifer Hegleson, president of the Kentuckiana clubs.

“We are looking to have transportation arrangements picking up at both of those club locations and transporting out to the Shawnee club and then transporting back to those clubs in the evening,” said Hegleson.

Former Salvation Army club members must sign up with Kentuckiana if they want to have access to the Shawnee facility, which can accommodate all former members of the closed clubs, she said.

“Portland and Parkland kids would be receiving a hot meal every night. So we would be feeding them also. They would be participating in our power hour, our educational programming. They would be participating in all the physical activities as well as having access to our art and computer labs,” said Hegleson.

Discussions continue on merging some of Salvation Army’s lost resources, but no decisions have been made. Hegleson calls the announcement of transportation to the Shawnee club a temporary solution, but said it will continue transporting until a more permanent solution is made.

The Salvation Army’s Newberg club will re-open as a Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Club as soon as possible, said Hegleson. Kentuckiana is currently hiring former Salvation Army club employees who will help get the word out, she said.

Transportation to the Shawnee club is expected to begin Oct. 31st.