Orchestra Says Musicians Have Accepted Contract Offer

The Louisville Orchestra labor dispute is over, according to orchestra management.

The management had extended what it called a “final offer” to the musicians. The orchestra board agreed to sign any musicians who remain in Louisville to a contract for upcoming seasons. However, by June 2013, enough players would have to retire or leave the orchestra to bring the ensemble’s size to 55 players. The management gave the players until 4:00 to accept the offer, and if they approved, the current season would continue next year.

The musicians said the deal was scarce on details and high on threats. They wanted clarification on which players would have to leave and other details of the proposal. After a day of meetings, the orchestra management released the following statement:

The Louisville Orchestra confirmed, late today, that counsel for the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Committee (LOMC), Chris Sanders, called the Orchestra’s labor counsel, James Smith, affirming that the LOMC has accepted the terms of the Louisville Orchestra board’s proposal to return to work.  The Louisville Orchestra board is awaiting written confirmation to this effect.  No further details are available at this time.

The musicians and management did not immediately return requests for comment.