Fairness PAC Endorses Beshear for Re-Election

In the race for Kentucky governor, the Louisville Fairness Campaign’s political arm endorsed Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear for re-election Wednesday.

C-FAIR joined the Kentucky Fairness Alliance’s political action committee in supporting Beshear, spotlighting that the governor supports domestic partner benefits at public universities and reinstated an executive order that extends employment protection to state employees based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

From C-FAIR:

Governor Beshear shares a vision for our Commonwealth that gives every Kentuckian a chance to succeed and live a happy, healthy life. It is because of that vision and the actions he has taken in testament to his commitment to Fairness that C-FAIR and FAIR-PAC endorse Governor Steve Beshear with vigor.

Beshear is being challenged by Republican David Williams and independent Gatewood Galbraith.