Sherman Minton Bridge Repair Bids Due

Bids for the repairs to the Sherman Minton Bridge will be turned in tomorrow.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is managing the bid process. INDOT has pre-qualified six contractors who could install new steel on the span.

The bid review and approval process has been expedited, as has the federal approval process. But INDOT officials say that doesn’t mean any necessary background or safety checks will be skipped.

“That’s exactly why we have a pre-qualification process, so that all of those checks are done. I don’t know if those specific checks are done, but what’s required of the state and federal process is done ahead of time,” says spokesman Will Wingfield.

The project is expected to cost $20 million and take six months.

“It’s a process where the lowest bidder wins. It’s dependent solely upon the bids contractors submit. In this particular case, we’ve but a value not only on the cost for work to be completed but also on time,” says Wingfield.

The federal government will contribute about $5 million. The rest will be split between Indiana and Kentucky.