Local Union Could Decide 4-Year Contract With Ford Motors

The fate of a contract between Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers union could come down to Louisville’s local chapter, which begins voting this week on the proposed four-year contract with the company.

There have been mixed reviews on the new contract so far, and in several cities local unions have shot it down. The proposal offers workers signing bonuses and inflation protection, but it does not include several concessions lost when Ford was in financial trouble.

Ford is prepared to invest heavily in the two Louisville plants if the contract is approved. Over $1 billion dollars and over 1,000 jobs are included in the new plan over the four years.

Louisville hosts one of the largest Ford unions and is one of the last to vote whether to ratify the contract. A majority vote nationwide is needed to ratify any agreement with Ford, but it may come down to Louisville’s UAW 862, which represents around 5,000 members.

If the UAW does not approve the contract, negotiations will likely continue. The Ford union voted earlier this year to authorize a strike if necessary but UAW officials say they don’t think a strike is necessary, but will provide a three day notice if one will occur.

Voting will take place Monday and Tuesday.