News Special: Coal Ash

More than 90% of Kentucky’s electricity comes from burning coal, and coal ash is a byproduct. It’s the second-largest industrial waste stream in the nation — and as more pollution controls are put on power plants, the amount of caol ash is growing. Most of it ends up in landfills, but about 40% of the ash is recycled and used to make things like cement, and structural fill.

Residents living near power plants, like the Cane Run Power Station in Louisville, complain about air and water contamination, and say the industry should be better regulated. Utility companies, on the other hand, argue that they can safely store coal ash.

Today at 1pm, we’ll talk with coal ash experts — utility company representatives, academics, and environmentalists — and take your questions and thoughts about coal ash. Join us at 502-814-TALK (8255).

Need a refresher? You can listen back to our series on coal ash here:

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