Frazier Exhibit Focuses On Civil War Loyalty Divisions

An exhibit opening this weekend at the Frazier History Museum focuses on how the Civil War fractured many families and communities in Kentucky.

It’s called “My Brother, My Enemy.”Curator of Collections Kelly Williams Wilkerson says Kentucky’s position as a so-called “border state” during the war caused some deep political and personal rifts

“There’s lots of divisions in Kentucky during the war, that’s what we really want to highlight, the way the Civil War touched every single family in its own unique way and how it was so incredibly divisive in the state,” she said.

The exhibit features clothing, letters and other artifacts.

It also includes the first public display of papers related to the commitment of Mary Todd Lincoln to an Illinois mental institution, initiated by her son, Robert, in 1875. The museum purchased the documents last year.

The exhibit opens Saturday and continues through April 8 at the Frazier History Museum.

(Photos courtesy of the Frazier History Museum)