WDRB News Anchor to Apologize for Alleged Racial Slur

A local television anchor will apologize on-air Tuesday for offending viewers, though she insists she did nothing wrong.

Morning show host Lindsay Allen appears to have said the N word while bantering with a co-anchor after a story about golfer Tiger Woods. An African-American student brought the incident to news director Barry Fulmer’s attention.¬†Fulmer says neither he nor Allen thinks she used the slur, but rather stumbled on the words “at least.”

“Lindsay said nothing wrong and I can understand where people may have misunderstood what she said,” he says. “But she said nothing wrong. She does not have a racist bone in her body.”

Fulmer adds that no one at WDRB has complained about the incident.

“No one even brought it up when the comment was made,” he says. “We’ve only had one complaint from this one person.”

The anchor will apologize on air, but not for using the word. Rather, Fulmer says Allen will say she’s sorry if anyone was offended. Members of the local NAACP will watch Allen’s statement before deciding if any further action is necessary.

Allen was not available to comment.