Louisville Orchestra, Occupy Wall Street, DREAM Act, and Bocephus: Today on State of the News

Segment A: We’ll speak with the WFPL news staff about what’s happened in Metro Louisville this week, including he Louisville Orchestra’s impasse, and the latest in the governor’s race.

Segment B: We’re joined by Joe Sonka from LEO Weekly, who will talk about the folks he met while writing about the DREAM Act — children of undocumented immigrants who face deportation when enrolling in college.

And you won’t be hearing Hank Williams, Jr. ask you if you’re ready for some football any Monday night soon. We’ll talk about why, and check other music news, with Sean Cannon, host of WFPK After Dark.

Segment C: David Weidner of the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch will catch us up on the Occupy Wall Street movement.