Adams: Ditch Williams Message Not Personal

A prominent Tea Party leader who called on the Republican Party of Kentucky to ditch gubernatorial nominee David Williams says the recommendation wasn’t personal, but Williams’s inner circle is spotlighting some disparaging comments he made about the GOP nominee.

Kentucky Knows Best Executive Director David Adams is the former campaign manager for Republican Phil Moffett, who lost to Williams in the GOP primary earlier this year. Adams sent an e-mail through his political action committee Thursday telling the GOP to cut Williams loose in order to salvage the rest of the ticket.

In a recent poll, Williams has just 51 percent of GOP voters supporting his candidacy and trails Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear by 31 points, but he dismissed Adams’s criticism as insignificant after calling him a marginalized figure in the party.

Adams says the message to dump Williams isn’t personal and it is more about the health of the Republican Party this November.

“None of my comments have been personal about David Williams. He has tried desperately to make this a personal issue between me and him. And you notice that in his attacks against me he never addresses the points that I actually made and nor will he because he can’t. And that’s ashame,” he says.

But Adams has made questionable remarks about the state Senate President in the past, such as a Facebook comment comparing Williams to a “dead deer carcass”.

Since the primary, political observers have questioned whether Williams would receive Tea Party support in the general election. Williams told WFPL Thursday he has Tea Party backing and polling shows 54 percent of voters who are affiliated with the group do support his bid for governor.

For the full interview with Adams, listen below.

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