Louisville Issues Ozone Air Quality Alert for Friday

Louisville Metro Government has issued an air quality alert for tomorrow, warning that high ozone levels may make it hard for some people to breathe.

This is the 19th air quality alert day called so far this year. Kentuckiana Air Education Director Dee Lynch says ozone usually isn’t a problem this late in the year. But she says a high pressure area called a ‘ridge’ is moving into Louisville.

“Things have gotten a little bit stagnant as far as the air quality goes,” Lynch said. We don’t have much for wind, to really move things along out of here, so pollutants have a chance then to kind of build up and cook in the sun.”

Lynch says it’s unusual to issue alerts in October, but not unheard of. Last year there were several alerts for the fires at Fort Knox, but this time the problems are weather-related.

The air quality alert is for sensitive groups—it’s recommended that the young, the elderly, and those with heart or lung problems avoid spending time outdoors.