Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs Closing This Month

The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club is closing all four clubs in Louisville this month.

Staff and club members were notified on Tuesday effective October 21 the clubs will close. A statement released late Tuesday night says rising costs and diminished income led to the decision to close.

The Salvation Army has struggled to keep the doors of its four clubs open for several years. The Salvation Army clubs are not to be confused with the Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Clubs, which has three operations in the Louisville region.

Merger discussions between the two organization have been ongoing and the statement says talks will continue. Kentuckiana Boys and Girls Club CEO Jennifer Hegelson told WFPL last month, her organization was considering if a merger would be financially stable.

Metro United Way donates a substantial amount to both organizations. Officials from Metro United previously said if a merger occurred, it will continue supporting the total amount for all clubs.