Zappos To Fill 3,000 Seasonal Jobs

Zappos has begun taking applications for 3,000 temporary jobs at its Shepherdsville fulfillment center.

The online apparel company is filling the positions to prepare for the holiday shopping season.

Recruiting Manager Melissa Leary says about 1,000 of the openings will be filled over the next two weeks, with the rest of the hires coming in late October and November.

The says employees will work ten-hour shifts filling orders.

“We are requiring mandatory overtime, especially right now. We’re pretty busy at this time. Working ten hour days, in certain departments you’re walking non-stop. So our average picker in a ten hour day can walk up to 15 miles a day climbing up and down stairs, that sort of thing. And then there’s other departments where they’re standing in one spot for ten hours a day,” she said.

Leary says the jobs start at $8.25 per hour for first shift and $9.00 for second shift.