Sherman Minton Bridge Closure: The Latest News and Community Response

The Sherman Minton Bridge has been closed since last week when inspectors found cracks in steel support beams. Louisville is now a two bridge town and commuters are coping with delays, rerouting and any number of other difficulties. Plenty of questions remain. How bad is the damage? Can the bridge be repaired? Can the other bridges handle the additional traffic, as tens of thousands of cars are funneled through downtown Louisville. What does all this mean for businesses on both sides of the river whose employees and patrons are stuck on the other side? And how does this fit in with the President’s talk of crumbling infrastructure.

We asked these questions Wednesday on a WFPL News Special, and took your comments. We expected to get lots of calls from commuters reporting on how the closure has affected them, but what we mostly got were safety concerns, and some novel ideas on how to ease traffic woes. You can listen to the special below.

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Matt Bullock, Louisville Chief District Engineer, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Barry Barker, TARC
Will Wingfield, Indiana Department of Transportation
Lt. Doug Sweeney, LMPD
John Yarmuth, Congressman
Roger Baylor, New Albanian Brewing Company

Web Extra: WFPL’s Devin Katayama spoke with Marvin Hill from Humana. 1900 Humana employees live in Southern Indiana and he talked about how the company is adapting to its work force’s commuting challenges.

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