Johnson to Amend ‘War on Workers’ Resolution

Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson is working with his colleagues to change a resolution supporting the rights of all union employees.

The south Louisville lawmaker originally drafted the non-binding measure. It calls for an end to the “war on workers” across the country. The resolution was a response to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who proposed a budget bill that significantly curtailed union rights by eliminated collective bargaining rights for unions.

Johnson says a new version will be introduced next month and will have softer language. He says it will still send a message that Metro Government supports union employees.

“I believe everybody who has looked at it wants to change it, one way or another,” Johnson says. “And that’s what we’ve been going through with some changes on it and trying to get it done. I think it’s crazy that people have tried to do that and I believe that in the future it’ll pay on those politicians that did do it,” he says.

Teamsters Local 783 encouraged Johnson to introduce the measure, which criticized what it calls a “coordinated attack on middle-class” rights. The amended version is being drafted by Councilman David James, who is a former president of the Fraternal Order of Police.