Heat Moves JCPS Football Game Times

Jefferson County Public Schools is moving all evening football games back to at least 8 pm tonight.

The heat index is expected to exceed levels suitable to play, said JCPS athletics director Jerry Wyman.

“There is no guarantee that it wouldn’t have been ok at 7:30 but we feel a lot more confident that 8:00 and beyond we’ll be in a little better time frame. So we just didn’t want to run the risk of having the fans there early and the kids out on the field and the cheerleaders and the band people all there and that extra half hour may prevent that,” he said.

Around a dozen game times have been pushed back and JCPS may decide to move games back further, said Wyman. This will happen on a case by case basis, he said.

Each school will use a hydrometer to measure the temperature and humidity on the field, then check that with guidelines provided by the Kentucky High School Athletics Association, said Wyman.