11am Power Update: 69,000 Customers Without Power

The latest word we have from LG&E/KU is that 69,000 customers are without power in the Louisville metro after Saturday’s storm. Duke is reporting about 11,000 customers without power in southern Indiana.

LG&E/KU Outage Map
Duke Outage information

Last night, LG&E Senior Vice President Chris Hermann told us it will take days to restore electricity, but the situation is not as bad as it was during the wind storm of 2008 or the ice storm of 2009.

Hermann said, “Well it’s too early to tell, but I think, based on the information we have, the highest winds we had were in the 69-70 mile per hour range. That’s much lower than we had when we had the Hurricane Ike. We had a greater umber of outages then. We had a far greater number of wire downs. So, relatively speaking, this is a lower order of magnitude, but still a very serious situation.”

Additional crews have been called in after the storm to help with power restoration. “We have people coming in from Tennessee, Indiana, northern Arkansas, and we’re bringing in all our resident contractors, so we’re ramping up very quickly,” said Hermann.

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