Today on State of the News

A Kentucky state senator has written a letter blasting the recent deal over the debt ceiling and comparing modern America to 1930s Germany. Phillip Bailey will have the latest reactions from Senator Perry Clark’s colleagues and party members.

Two members of the Louisville Metro Council say children should have to wear life preservers when they go near public waters, but not all of their colleagues are convinced.

Speaking of the Metro Council, Louisville Gas and Electric officials told a council committee about their plans to rase electricity rates. Erica Peterson will have an explanation.

EMS employees are getting a drug test. Devin Katayama will tell us why. He’ll also have updates on the Clark County budget crunch and some local little league players.

Remember that debt ceiling deal? It called for the creation of a supercommittee, and twelve members of congress have been appointed. We’ll get the latest from Washington from The Courier-Journal’s Jim Carroll.

We’ll talk with Eric Durban about his piece on what it takes to be a cattle auctioneer.