Williams Campaign Manager Steps Down

The campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams is stepping down to pursue other professional opportunities, leaving the GOP nominee without anyone to run his day-to-day operations.

Luke Marchant joined the campaign in May to replace Scott Jennings, a former special assistant to President George W. Bush, who stayed on as a consultant.

After a lackluster performance in the GOP primary, Marchant’s hiring was seen by political observers as a move to court Tea Party voters. He previously served as a special assistant to U.S. Sen. Marc Rubio, R-Fl, who is a Tea Party favorite in Congress.

Asked about a possible replacement, the Williams campaign downplayed the absence of a campaign manager and  instead looked ahead to a forum in Louisville next week.

“Nothing to announce on that right now,” says Jennings. “But our candidate has one of the best political minds in the state and he’s got a great team that is moving forward executing the various functions of a campaign.”