Campaign Staffer Summarizes Galbraith’s Trip to Fancy Farm

Meet William Bowe. As Kentucky politicians made their annual trip to the Fancy Farm Picnic this past weekend, Bowe was traveling with Independent gubernatorial candidate Gatewood Galbraith.

“Gatewood likes Payday, so he stopped and had a Payday, we stopped and had Subway and a couple soda pops,” Bowe said.

Bowe and Galbraith drove to the Fancy Farm Picnic on Friday night. They talked politics while Galbraith worked on his speech, which Bowe says changed three times in the 24 hours leading up to Saturday’s event. But when Bowe and Galbraith tried attending the annual Democratic Bean Dinner on Friday night:

“I actually was keeping an eye on Gatewood,” Bowe said. “I turned around for a second and he’s gone.”

Bowe says they paid $36 for the event, but then were denied entry to the dinner. And when they were asked to leave, Bowe says they were given $40 back.

“And we’re going to consider that a $6 campaign contribution (sic) from the Democratic Party,” Bowe said. “It was the Democratic chairman who kicked him out last night.”

Several supporters say Galbraith offers a refreshing outlook on state politics. But the latest poll by the Courier-Journal/WHAS reported Galbraith has around nine percent of the vote.