Census Shows Same-Sex, Unmarried Couples Leading More Indiana Households

by Gabe Bullard on August 4, 2011

So-called traditional marriage has declined in Indiana, according to the 2010 Census.

The survey shows a 61 percent increase in the number of households led by same-sex couples since 2000. There are now more than 16,000 LGBT couples living together and about one fourth of them are raising children.

There was also a large gain in the number of unmarried couples living together. Nearly 175,000 Indiana households are led by unmarried straight couples, marking a 38 percent increase.

The census also shows 1.2 million husband-and-wife households in Indiana. That’s a drop of about 10,000 in the last decade.

A researcher with Indiana University says it’s unclear whether the rise in same-sex couples living together is due to an actual increase or an increased willingness of those couples to report their relationship status.

Additional information from the Associated Press

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