Dean Says U of L MFA Program Will Find New Home

The University of Louisville is looking for a new home for its Master of Fine Arts program.

The College of Arts and Sciences had planned to lease a portion of the Museum Plaza skyscraper for the program, but the project has since been scrapped.

The school had refrained from seeking official approval for the MFA program until it had a home. Now, Dean Blaine Hudson says the program will likely be established this year, and classroom space will be found later. He doesn’t expect it to be a challenge.

“The amount of money that it would have cost us to have space in Museum Plaza could, if we could still raise that amount of money, buy us a very, very imposing facility of some kind anyway,” says Hudson.

U of L’s space in Museum Plaza would’ve cost $10-15 million.

The developers say they canceled the project because of the unfavorable construction bond market.