Workers Looking For Cause Of Water Main Break

Workers have begun inspecting the water main that burst last week on the University of Louisville campus, looking for the cause of the rupture.

The July 11 break sent millions of gallons of water onto the campus and prompted a boil advisory for a large portion of the city.

Water company spokeswoman Kelley Dearing-Smith says the repair work, which will last several weeks, won’t cause any additional disruptions of service.

“We have a redundant system that means we have more than one way to re-route water. There is another large transmission main in the area where this one broke. So customers won’t be without water during repairs, which is a great thing, considering the weather,” she said.

Dearing-Smith says it may take several weeks to determine what caused the 48-inch pipe to fail.

A westbound portion of Eastern Parkway at the site will remain closed during the repair work.

(Photo courtesy of Louisville Water Company)