Lawmakers From Midwest, Canada, Meeting In Indy

Lawmakers from 11 states and four Canadian provinces are gathered this week in Indianapolis for a discussion of issues impacting the Midwest.

Members of the Indiana General Assembly are hosting the four-day event in conjunction with the Council of State Governments.

State Rep. Scott Reske says the agenda includes sessions on collective bargaining law, state budgets, education and transportation.

He says participants will also talk about creating an Midwest economic development collaborative similar to the 40 year old Southern Growth Policies Board.

“Experts tell us that the Midwest probably has more reasons to do that. We have more things that tie us together than just culture. Weve got the Great Lakes, which is a huge economy, the agricultural businesses in the Midwest, the manufacturing in the Midwest,” he said.

Speakers at the meeting will include political commentator Ron Brownstein and NPR’s Mara Liasson.