Ruling Expected This Week In Charlie White Case

The Indiana Recount Commission is expected to issue a decision this week on whether the state’s top election official is eligible to hold office.

Republican Secretary of State Charlie White is accused of using his ex-wife’s address on a voter registration form in order to keep the town council seat he held at the time in the Fishers community, in case he lost the race for his current office.

Democrats say White also listed a new condo as his address on other documents during that time.

White testified before the panel last week that his ex-wife’s home was his permanent address at the time, but he also spent a lot of time on the road campaigning and occasionally stayed at the condo, where he planned to move after re-marrying.

A ruling against White would invalidate his election and force his removal from office. He’s also awaiting trial in a separate criminal case, in which he’s charged with voter fraud and perjury.

The commission, made up of two Republicans and one Democrat, meets Tuesday.