Mapping the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The first HIV diagnosis was made 30 years ago. Since then, it’s spread to epidemic proportions in the United States.

As Fast Company writes, “it’s probably more prevalent in your neighborhood than you think.” To prove that point, the company profiles the creators of AIDSvu, an interactive map that shows a county-by-county breakdown of adults and adolescents with an HIV diagnosis. You can look at the map here.

The heaviest concentrations of patients are in the east coast and the south, and the map shows how HIV affects urban and rural areas differently. In Kentucky, Jefferson County has the highest concentration, but the surrounding counties follow close behind. While Fayette County has a lower proportion of diagnoses than Jefferson, the counties between the two most populous in the state have higher concentrations of affected residents than the rural areas further south. Higher concentrations can also be seen in lower-income rural areas.