NWS Predicting End to Storms, Mild Summer

While severe weather has devastated sections of the Midwest, Louisville has remained relatively unscathed.

Severe storms and heavy rains have caused a number of problems, but the city has dodged the worst incidents. Most notably, several waves of storms were headed for the area yesterday (Wednesday), but scattered, bringing only strong winds and rain, and not tornadoes.

National Weather Service hydrologist Mike Callahan says there are no more severe storms in the long-range forecast, as the system that caused the most destructive weather has dissipated.

“It was a series of upper low systems that sat over the Midwest, primarily right where the Mississippi and the Ohio River came together. And we were just right on the edge of it here in Louisville,” he says.

Callahan says the summer heat will begin early, with temperatures rising this weekend. Overall, though, he expects the summer to be slightly cooler than average.