Programming Note: On Point to Discuss Prescription Drug Abuse Thursday at 10

At 10:00 am Thursday, WFPL will broadcast On Point live. The topic of the hour is prescription drug abuse, which is a major problem in Kentucky. The early broadcast will give Louisville-area listeners a chance to discuss the topic on air.

The Courier-Journal‘s Laura Ungar–who wrote the Prescription for Tragedy series–will appear on the show, along with Charleston Gazette reporter Alison Knezevich, Saint Petersburg Times and Miami Herald reporter Janet Zink and Regina Labelle, who is with the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The reporters represent major legs of the so-called pill pipeline, which begins in Florida and heads north toward Kentucky.

On Point will be broadcast live from Boston at 10, and you can call 1-800-423-8255 during the show to discus the topic.

The Diane Rehm show airs one hour later at 11am.