School Board to Again Discuss Appointing Interim Superintendent

As the search for a new superintendent for Jefferson County Public Schools continues, the school board is considering whether an interim leader should be appointed.

Board chair Steve Imhoff says he’d rather not appoint an interim, but a new leader may not be in place by the time current superintendent Sheldon Berman’s contract expires. The board will discuss how to select and appoint an interim at a meeting this afternoon.

“An interim has to have a superintendent’s certificate. That’s number one,” he says. “We will discuss who has a certificate and who is available, who we might want to ask to consider to be an interim. We’ve not asked anybody to be an interim.”

Imhoff says will not name an interim unless it’s necessary, but given the current pace of the search, it may be necessary. The board is expected to start reviewing applications for a permanent superintendent at the end of the month.