Morning Edition: A Bourbon Ball Tutorial From a Louisville Chocolatier

Here’s a delicious, bite-size Derby tradition: bourbon balls. The confection (in case you just arrived from another planet) consists of a butter cream center enveloped in chocolate. Oh, and there’s a soup├žon (or more) of bourbon.

Today on Morning Edition, NPR turned to one of Louisville’s well-known chocolatiers, Erika Chavez-Graziano of Cellar Door Chocolates for the tasty details. Chavez-Graziano says she sells about 800 pounds of bourbon balls each derby season. That works out to about 30,000 bourbon balls.

She tells Linda Wertheimer how she makes them, notes that there’s no baking, which preserves the bourbon kick; and she reveals her bourbon of choice: 80-proof Evan Williams.

Drink up! Or, in this case… eat!

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