JCTC Announces Plans for Downtown Campus Expansion

Jefferson Community and Technical College announced plans to expand its downtown campus today.

The completed expansion includes parking under I-65, leaving a greener campus.

The new campus vision was first launched at the unveiling in August of the $25.6 million health sciences building.

President Tony Newberry says he wants to increase the school’s downtown footprint, going against the trend of most community colleges around the nation, which have begun moving away from urban centers.

“But the vision is to develop a downtown campus that is a premier urban campus with a lot of green space, p

edestrian friendly, uh where bikers are welcome, through the efforts that we’re making now,” he says “and then utilizing that space for new facilities.”

The school announced the acquisition of six properties along First Street with a 3 phase plan to build on those properties over the next 20 years. The plan alsotentatively includes the closure of an I-65 on ramp off South First Street.

“Our vision is to create a vibrant urban campus that will transform lives through education and help transform this area into a modern and welcoming environment which will benefit the community,” says Newberry.

Last year, the General Assembly authorized the school to use $10.5 million from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  The recent purchases were made using a portion of those funds.