Louisville Man Featured on ABC News, Receives Presidential Shout Out

by admin on April 7, 2011

Louisville resident J.T. Henderson was featured on ABC News last night, responding to the looming federal government shutdown and its consequences on average Americans.

Check it out:

Henderson chided leaders in Washington for posturing while his family worries about a much needed tax refund, which would be delayed if the government ceases certain services. During a press conferenceĀ  on the continued budget negotiations with congressional leaders, President Barack Obama named dropped Henderson and his situation, saying their decisions have “real consequences for real people.”


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According to his Twitter account, Henderson will be on MSNBC later this morning.

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Harold Trainer April 7, 2011 at 11:59 am

Obama’s compromise, or some say capitulation, on extending the Bush tax cuts plus adding more cuts, will increase the national debt by over a trillion dollars when the wars are added. Our government will have to borrow the money to pay for the cuts and continuation of the wars.

This will increase inflation, interest rates and the costs of everyday living for the middle and lower class working Americans. It will adversely affect job creation and the standard of living for Americans.

The next step will be to cut spending and the Republicans and Democrats in Congress will focus on earned entitlements such as social security, medicaid, medicare and military health benefits. Obama has already said he favors a 1.4% pay increase for the military. This is the lowest pay raise in almost 50 years and is a strange thanks for those who have been fighting our wars for ten years. This really adds up to a tax increase for the middle class and our most needy.

All of this while big business and the most wealthy receive huge tax cuts ostensibly to stimulate the economy and earn more for investors. Job creation will be very uncertain.

This is another victory for the Republicans and Democrats who are willing to borrow from the future of the elderly, our kids and grandkids to continue the unnecessary wars and support the most wealthy Americans.

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