Moffett Challenges Holsclaw to Debate

by admin on April 5, 2011

After refusing to drop out of the race, Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett has challenged Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw to a public debate.

The Louisville businessman has asked for a one hour debate that would be moderated by 84 WHAS radio personality Mandy Connell next Thursday.

“It may not come down to issues as much as credibility,” says David Adams, Moffett’s campaign manager, adding that he’s waiting on a response.

However, Holsclaw tells WFPL she isn’t interested in debating Moffett because he isn’t a real GOP candidate.

“I’m aware of his challenge, but I will not be accepting,” she says. “We’re looking to run against a Republican and Mr. Moffett is not one. We debate Republicans and we don’t consider him someone we want to debate.”

Last week, she told the media that Moffett signed a campaign petition for a Libertarian candidate and raised the possibility of a legal challenge if the Tea Party-backed candidate were to win the GOP nomination.

The two have traded jabs recently, with Holsclaw’s campaign saying the Louisville businessman’s candidacy is “imaginary” and that the Tea Party won’t have any impact in the primary.

Holsclaw went on to say that only three candidates—herself, Republican state Senate President David Williams and Democratic Governor Steve Beshear—are in the race.

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kentuckyvoter April 6, 2011 at 12:24 am

Phil Moffett dfoes not have Kentucky values but what should you expect he is not from Kentucky. Phil Moffett wants to cut funding for educatin,Moffett wan’t to repeal the 17th amendment whaich allows us to elect Kentuckys 2 United States Senators,Moffett want \to grow cannabis-hemp.Moffetts campaign took money from people arrested in Lexington Kentucky on drug charges,Moffett critized the Lexinton police department and the DEA for arresting his friends on drug charges, Would you or could you vote for Moffett ? Don’t you queston his values ?

kytyedye April 6, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Funding for education obviously didn’t help your spelling skills any. Maybe more money isn’t the answer. Perhaps all our failing systems need to be revamped, which is what Moffett is advocating for.

Or we can stick with the same ol’ same ol’. Same poverty and ignorance that plagues our commonwealth. Same debt financing to support the systems of failure.

All of these things you mention here are deep issues. I hope your reading is better than your spelling. You should do some.

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