Fleming Says MSD Board Should Go Further With Ethics Changes

Several members of the Louisville Metro Council say the Metro Sewer District board’s recent change in ethics policy is a good first step, but it doesn’t go far enough.

After reports showed that several MSD contracts were given to businesses owned by board members, council members and the mayor called for changes. At least two board members resigned and Monday, the board adopted a new policy that bars members from doing business with MSD.

Councilman Ken Fleming previously said MSD should place itself under the Metro Government ethics code, and he stands by his statement.

“I would like for them to try to adopt that, or adopt most of it to implement within their organization, but I think they’re taking a good first step toward transparency and to shore up their ethics policy,” he says.

Councilmen Kelly Downard and Jim King both tell the Courier-Journal MSD should adopt the city ethics code as well.

Dalton Main contributed to this report.