NPR News Special Coverage of Libya and Japan Today at 2pm

We’ll air two hours special coverage from NPR News this afternoon from 2-4pm on WFPL.

The first hour will focus on Libya, three days after a US-led coalition began its military campaign to stop the government from attacking anti-Gadhafi rebels. We’ll have updates on the extent of damage in Libya and the ability of Moammar Gadhafi to fight back against U.S. and European forces. Guests will include NPR’s David Greene from Tripoli, NPR’s Senior Foreign Editor Loren Jenkins, Rami Khouri, editor-at-large of the Beirut based Daily Star newspaper, Lisa Anderson, a Libya expert at the Council on Foreign Relations who is president of the American University in Cairo, and Marie Colvin, foreign affairs correspondent at the Sunday Times of London.

From 3-4pm, we’ll focus on the humanitarian crisis in Japan. We’ll have the latest news on the status of repair efforts at the Fukushima nuclear facility, what Japanese officials are doing to warn people about the health risks of radiation expose, and about the discovery of some food contaminated with radiation. Guests include NPR’s Rob Gifford in Mizusawa, in northern Japan, and NPR’s Science Correspondent, Nell Greenfieldboyce.

NPR’s Neal Conan will host the special coverage.