Lawmakers Return for Second Week of Special Session

by Tony McVeigh on March 21, 2011

Kentucky lawmakers pick up today where they left off Friday, as the special session on Medicaid moves into its second week.

House Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover says he and Speaker Greg Stumbo are close to agreement on a compromise bill they hope will pass both the House and Senate.

“President Williams is complaining that we’ve taken too long, already,” he says. “We want to get that done and then get it to them and let them look at it. If they want to make some tweaks or they want to talk about it, then obviously, we’ll be more than happy to do that. But from our perspective, we just want to get it out of the House, our members want to get it out of the House, and get it to the Senate.”

At least one more hearing is scheduled in the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee before a vote is taken on a Medicaid bill. Health and Family Services Secretary Janie Miller is scheduled to testify today.

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Harold Trainer, USAF RET March 21, 2011 at 8:30 am

Wasting our money. We do not have enough medicaid funds because we are fighting two wars and something else in Libya, subsidizing energy companies, subsidizing corporations and giving tax cuts while we spend too much money.

christy March 23, 2011 at 1:30 pm

i think that the politicians that refused to stay to settle the budget issue should have to pay the cost of the special sessions. i also think that maybe obama was not aware that he lied when he said that we would not be paying for illegal immigrants, however, this is not true…….if an illegal immigrant has a baby in this country, we pay for that birth & we shouldnt be. That would save medicaid millions if we did not pay bills for ppl in this country illegally. i also think that if we are aware that someone is an illegal immigrant, that the people who work for the state to provide benefit for our citizens, should be able to contact INS & report them. To save even more money, when an illegal immigrant goes to apply for food stamps for their newborn, that case should be tracked & if anything is purchased that a newborn could not consume, that case should be closed & the benefits should be repayed & they should not be able to receive food stamps again.There is a lot of money being wasted & politicians should talk to people who work in those offices as they see the abuse of the programs more often. If you changed policy as well for the workers to receive an incentive for all fraud cases they identify that results in reimbursement to the goverment, you would see more fraud and system abuse decline.

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