Councilman Fleming Calls for Extension of City’s Ethics Ordinances

by Dalton Main on March 21, 2011

Louisville Metro Councilman Ken Fleming wants to extend the city’s ethics law to encompass the Metropolitan Sewer District Board of Directors.

A recent article in the Courier-Journal questioned the ethics of MSD using board members’ companies for contracts on which there was no competitive bidding.

In light of these complaints, Fleming, a Republican wants to extend the ethics ordinance to include quasi-governmental agencies like MSD.

“Part of the initiative of that was to get the appointees from Metro Government to include those four directors to be subject to ethics, to our ethics ordinance and such,” he says “even though they’re a separate taxing district.”

Several MSD contracts were given to businesses owned by board members, including close to $600,000 given to a company owned by the chairman of the board.

“When you are on a government agency, you’ve got to look at yourself as a custodian or a steward of the taxpayer’s money,” says Fleming, “and so you really need to be conscious of everything that you do in terms of how you handle money and transactions and so forth.”

Democratic caucus spokesperson Tony Hyatt says MSD is a for-profit government-owned utility that wouldn’t otherwise fall under the jurisdiction of Louisville Metro’s governance laws.

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Harold Trainer, USAF RET March 21, 2011 at 6:09 pm

I fully agree. this should be done to prevent the questionable management of the city during Abramson’s administration. And, now he is running for Lt. Governor. Bad choice. Greg Fischer needs more measurement and management of Louisville govt operations and functions and full transparency. If you cannot measure it you cannot management it.

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