Budget Hearings Set In Indiana Senate Amid House Stalemate

The legislative stalemate in the Indiana House is entering a fifth week with no resolution in sight.

Republican lawmakers are trying to move ahead with business in the absence of boycotting Democrats.

House Democrats fled to Urbana, Illinois February 22 to protest the Republican majority’s legislative agenda.

Despite the imposition of fines and the threat of censure, Democrats continue to hold out over legislation regarding union participation on certain government construction projects.

They want Republicans to continue negotiating, but House Speaker Brian Bosma says he’s finished talking about it.

The Senate’s top Republican says his side of the Statehouse will begin hearings this week on the budget that’s been stalled in the House during the boycott.

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels says he’ll call a special session if lawmakers run out of time to pass a budget and other bills during the current session, which ends April 29.