Updates from Libya on WFPL This Weekend

by Todd Mundt on March 19, 2011

We’re closely monitoring the events in Libya within the context of our regular weekend program schedule. You can hear updates in the NPR News on the hour, as well as on Weekend Edition, Weekend All Things Considered, and all night long from BBC Global News.

In addition, as events warrant, NPR News will offer special coverage of the events unfolding in Libya. When this happens, WFPL News will interrupt the regular schedule.

We’ll give you as much advance notice as we can… and we appreciate your understanding as we try to provide you with the latest news, as well as your favorite weekend programs.

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Harold Trainer, USAF RET March 20, 2011 at 1:22 pm

If two presidents had not bogged us down in Iraq and Afghanistan then we would be able to provide more timely, substantial support to those fighting for freedom, real freedom not the freedom we said we were doing in Iraq. That was oil. Or the freedom in Afghanistan. Freedom to become more corrupt. These wars start off simply enough but they have a life of their own and they grow and they grow and the next thing you do not know what you are doing and you lose yourself in the fog of war. War is very complicated and the longer you are in war the more complicated it becomes. The fog of war is where Ghandafi will exploit the weakness of wars like this. He will hide in the fog of war. It could be a stalemate for a long time and when we get tired of the war he will kill again. Who is going to pay for this expensive endeavor. I thought we were so broke we were going to have to cut the entitlements of our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, social security, medicare, medicaid and how about the 1.4% pay raise for our troops and the increase cost of health care. What about the debt. Oh, I know a war tax. Starting tomorrow everyone will pay a 2 % surcharge on their tax obligations. Obama has been too weak and unwilling to take a stand. He is caught by Iraq and Afghanistan. H. Trainer, Prospect

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