NPR Special Coverage of Libya No-Fly Zone Today at 3pm

by Todd Mundt on March 18, 2011

WFPL will air a one-hour news special on Libya this afternoon at 3pm. The NPR News Special will examine the United Nations No-Fly Zone resolution; what it says, how it will be enforced, as well as the implications for the United States which is expected to play a military role in its implementation. You’ll also hear President Obama’s statement on Libya, which he’s expected to deliver shortly.

NPR’s Neal Conan will host our coverage. He will be joined in the studio by NPR’s Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman, National Security correspondent Tom Gjelten, Paris Correspondent Eleanor Beardsley as well as David Greene who is in Tripoli. Others guests include George Joffe, a pre-eminent North Africa scholar, Libya expert and Research fellow at the Centre of International Studies at Cambridge University.

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Michael Kemper March 18, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Leslie Gelb says he doesn’t understand the US’ sudden concern for the success of the Libyan revolution. It’s simple, OIL.

If the US were concerned about democracy we would have it in America, not a system of corporatism supported by the Supreme Court.

Harold Trainer, USAF RET March 19, 2011 at 2:12 pm

If we were not bogged down by two presidents in Iraq and Afghanistan we could be of much more substantial assistance to the freedom of Arabs and Muslims in North Africa. We could actually act in support of freedom rather than play the freedom game for oil and Israel.

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