Williams Challenges Beshear to Debate on Medicaid, Beshear Says Williams Should “Do His Job”

by Tony McVeigh on March 14, 2011

Kentucky Senate President David Williams is challenging Gov. Steve Beshear to a televised debate over Medicaid, but the debate is not likely to happen.

Governor Beshear is flying around the state, trying to drum up support for his plan to balance Medicaid within the Medicaid budget. The Republican-controlled Senate wants across-the-board cuts to state agencies. Senate President David Williams says the governor should return home and debate him on Kentucky Educational Televsion.

“So that we can put both sides of this budget controversy in front of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Ask Mr. Goodman to moderate that and have press available if they want to be there to ask any questions,” he says.

But Beshear says there is nothing to debate and Williams “needs to do his job.” Beshear called lawmakers back to Frankfort after they failed to balance the Medicaid budget during the 30-day regular session that ended last week.

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