Court Challenge to Whiskey Row Agreement Could Come This Week

by Gabe Bullard on March 9, 2011

Iron Quarter (photo by Sheila Ash)Preservationists may soon file paperwork asking a federal judge to reconsider his decision on the Whiskey Row buildings at First and Main Streets.

Judge John Heyburn II recently approved an agreement between Metro Government and developer Todd Blue. It allows Blue to destroy the buildings in early May to make room for a parking lot and later a development.

Preservation attorney Steve Porter says he plans to ask Heyburn to reconsider his approval of the agreement and make it open for renegotiation.

“At least that all the parties involved, including the judge, would have a hearing to make determinations along those lines, as opposed to just the owner of the buildings having the absolute final say, which is the case now,” he says.

Porter says he’d like to make sure the buildings, or at least their facades, are saved. Blue has said if anyone thinks they can preserve the buildings and develop the property, they can purchase the land from him. The city and the Downtown Development Corporation are seeking buyers who will save five of the seven buildings.

The city’s agreement with Blue gave Metro Government 90 days to figure out the best way to preserve or recreate the facades, though Blue is not bound to save them. The city struck the deal because of concerns that Heyburn would rule in Blue’s favor and grant him permission to destroy the buildings with no delay or caveats.

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James R. March 10, 2011 at 8:03 am

Lets look like Atlanta Louisville! Lets have no past at all. Lets only have glass buildings everywhere and look sterile.
This is stupid to knock these buildings down for a parking lot. This is what Todd Blue wanted to do when he bought the property several years ago. Now the city wants to allow this? Shame.

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