Beshear and Williams Trade Jabs Over Special Session

by Tony McVeigh on March 9, 2011

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Senate President David Williams are again butting heads. This time it’s over next week’s special session on Medicaid.

Since lawmakers failed to balance the state’s Medicaid budget during the 30-day regular session, Gov. Beshear is ordering them back to Frankfort for a special session that starts Monday. And Beshear is blaming Senate President David Williams.

“He’s holding the future of Kentucky’s families hostage to his political games and his aspirations. He’s playing the political version of ‘My way, or the highway,” he says.

Senator Williams fired back.

“It’s very unbecoming for the chief executive officer to make personal attacks like that in a press conference. We really never have experienced anything like that. But in the Good Book it says the guilty flee when no man pursues,” he says.

The verbal jousting between Williams and Beshear is likely a preview of this year’s governor’s race. Beshear is seeking a second term and Williams wants his job.

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Jensen March 10, 2011 at 11:25 am

David Williams is a criminal trial lawyer who does anything for money. He works for murders, drug dealers, and anyone with the cash to pay his bills.

Perhaps he should read the “good book” and what they have to say about greed.

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