House Passes Bill To Study PSC Election, Expansion

by Tony McVeigh on March 2, 2011

The Kentucky House is ordering a study to determine if state Public Service Commission members should be elected, not appointed. But it was a close vote.

Last month, the Senate voted to expand the Public Service Commission from three to seven members, elected by the people, instead of appointed by the governor. However the House, on an extremely close vote, has decided to just study the issue. Among opponents was House Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover.

“In all due respect, if it was a true study to look at the issue and to look at the effects and concerns raised by all those groups that expressed their opposition, they would be included in this study and this task force. They’re not,” he said.

The bill squeaked through the House on a 48-46 vote, with six members not voting. Since it was amended in the House, the bill now returns to the Senate.

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