Boycott Again Halts Indiana House Action

No movement was reported Tuesday in the standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the Indiana House of Representatives.

There’s no indication that Democrats are ready to end their boycott and return to the Statehouse anytime soon.

Democrats fled to Illinois a week ago to block legislation sponsored by the Republican majority. House lawmakers have since been unable to conduct any business due to the lack of a quorum.

Democrats lost their House majority in last November’s elections. Republican Rep. Phil Hinkle says their walkout makes them look like sore losers.

“Get home so we can do the people’s business. You take your message to the people in November of 2012 and if they like your message, they will let you set your agenda again. Get home. Hoosiers deserve
better,” he said.

Democrats say they want Republicans to negotiate concessions on labor and education bills before they’ll return, something the GOP has refused to do. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says fines are among the remaining options to persuade them to come back.