Law Firms Adding Staff in Anticipation of Economic Recovery

by Dalton Main

In anticipation of an economic recovery, many Kentucky Law firms are hiring more staff and taking on more clients.

Gaines Penn is managing partner at English Lucas Priest & Owsley in Bowling Green. He says lawyers in his firm are making sure they are ready to handle the increased demand, which is mostly in areas related to the aging baby boomer population.

“They’re already basically familiar with the primary issues in terms of Medicare and Medicaid and estate planning for the elderly but it’s continuing to change and they’re trying to stay on top of that; as well as get the message out that there are ways that lawyers can help people to do that type of planning,” he says.

Penn says as mid-sized firms like his prepare to bring on new lawyers, they have a wider talent pool to choose from.

“Our highs aren’t as high but our lows aren’t as low; and I think the larger firms in the state have seen some layoffs and that has pushed some people out; and they’re looking for positions and sometimes if we can pick up that talent, we do,” he says.

Penn is among several lawyers profiled in the latest issue of the Lane Report