JCPS Officials Tout Science Test Score Improvements

by Dalton Main

Jefferson County Public Schools are reporting above average science tests scores compared to other urban school districts.

According to an assessment from the National Association for Educational Progress, only one of the 16 urban districts tested had higher science scores than Louisville among 8th graders, while Louisville shared the highest scores among 4th graders.

Dena Dossett with JCPS says she’s excited about the results, but wants to continue to build on them.

“We want to take a look at it and see are there certain areas we want to work on in particular,” she says.

The national average for science test scores in all schools—urban and rural—is higher than the urban average alone. In Louisville, only the 4th graders scored above the national average in science.

Dossett attributes the scores to a new curriculum that was implemented in 2007.

“That’s been the big shift for us over the last few years; we are implementing what we call science modules; It’s much more student-centered, student directed; hands-on approach,” she says.

The new curriculum was funded through a $35 million grant from The GE Foundation.