UPDATE-Democrats Stall Business In Indiana House

by Rick Howlett on February 22, 2011

Action in the Indiana House of Representatives remains stalled over Democratic opposition to a Republican-sponsored bill dealing with labor unions.

“Well, I guess with the absence of a quorum and the continued absence of a quorum to do the people’s business, the House will stand in recess until the fall of the gavel at 2:00pm,” said House Speaker Brian Bosma after attempting to convene the chamber for a second time at noon.

Most of the House Democrats have not shown up today, leaving the chamber without the minimum 67 members needed to conduct business.

According to a newspaper report, Democrats have fled to another state to boycott on a right-to-work bill they say would weaken labor unions.

The measure was approved by a House committee Monday.

Hundreds of pro-union protesters returned the Statehouse Tuesday to voice opposition to the bill.

A source has told the Indianapolis Star that the Democrats have fled to Illinois or perhaps Kentucky. It mirrors the situation In Wisconsin, where action on a contentious union bill is being stalled by Democrats who have fled to Illinois.

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mary February 22, 2011 at 4:13 pm

What big cowards.Stay and do what you were elected to do.

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