“Alternative” To Charter Schools Bill Awaiting House Action

A bill proposed as an alternative to creating charter schools in Kentucky is awaiting action in the state House.

The measure sponsored by Education Committee Chairman Carl Rollins would create “districts of innovation,” in which could be exempted from some state rules, much like charter schools, but must produce certain results.

University of Louisville education professor Craig Hockbein (HOCK-byne) says he can’t predict how the measure might fare in the General Assembly, but believes it would appease many of those opposed to the charter school concept.

“You’re immediately having district support, whereas oftentimes there’s an adversarial relationship between charter schools and more traditional public schools,” he said.

A Republican-sponsored Senate bill that would create charter schools is apparently dead in the Democratic-led House. The ‘districts of innovation’ measure faces an uncertain future if it makes it to the state Senate.